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Storm Door With Dog Door

Storm Door With Dog Door

When considering options for installing a dog door, you may feel like you have a tough decision ahead. If you have a home with a beautiful and decorative front door or even just a solid wood or metal door, you do not want to cut into it to install a dog door. You also may feel like you want to give your dog the freedom of being able to come in and outside of the home, but still, want a little more control over what times they can go outside. You also may be concerned about security and making sure that other animals or intruders do not use your dog door as a point of entry. A great solution to all of these concerns is to install a dog door into your storm door. A dog door is installed right into the glass of your storm door, giving you a flexible option.
Dog Door In A Storm Door
Storm Door Dog Door

The Benefits Of A Storm Door For Your Dog

There are so many benefits to having your dog door installed in your storm door instead of your front or back door including:

  • You do not have to worry about preserving the architectural integrity and design of your home. Placing your dog door in the storm door does not disrupt the look of your home and can easily be removed if you ever decide to sell your home. It is also much more cost effective because replacing storm doors is less expensive than replacing normal doors.
  • By placing the dog door inside of the glass on your storm door instead of a normal door, means you can still easily keep an eye on your dog while they are outside. They can still come and go as they please, but you don’t have to ever wonder if they are okay while they are outside.
  • If you live somewhere with lots of wild animals or in a populated area where security is important, installing your dog door in your storm door can offer more comfort. At night or when you are not home, you can easily secure your home simply by shutting your front door.
  • Installing your dog door in the storm door is also very energy efficient. While storm doors can protect you from the elements, on days where it is very hot or cold outside or even when there is a storm.

Installing Your Storm Door With Dog Door

Storm doors are typically made of tempered glass which can shatter when cut. So it is never advised you try to install a dog door in glass by yourself. Instead, you will need to hire an expert to install the dog door. The process is very simple. First, they will measure your storm door to make sure it is a good match for both your dog and your home. Then they will use your existing door frame to replace the glass and install the dog door. Next, they will expertly install it and come back in a few weeks to check up on how it’s working for you. Couldn’t be easier!

Hire An Expert Dog Door Installer

A Simple 4 Step Process!

Step 1

Get An Estimate

To get started with an estimate give us a call or fill out our free estimate form and we will give you an estimate of how much your new in glass dog door or cat window will be.
Step 1


Measurements And Order

We will take accurate measurements to ensure that the dog door fits the style of your doors but still accommodates the size of your dog. We will then order the door that fits your specifications.

Step 3


We will then replace the glass with the custom made pane that contains the doggy door. You will keep your original frame as not to ruin the look of your doors.
Step 3


Check In

We will check in with you in a couple of weeks to make sure that everything is working properly.

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