In Glass Pet Doors

In Glass Pet Doors

If you are looking to install a pet door for your companion animal, an in glass pet door gives you great options. They are incredibly versatile because they are designed to be installed directly in the glass. They can be installed in sliding glass doors, French doors, storm doors, and even windows. So you can put a pet-friendly exit anywhere in your home. They work for dogs, cats, and any other furry friend that needs the freedom to come in and out of your home.

Our In Glass Pet Doors

Sliding Glass Dog Door With Dog Door In It

Sliding Glass Dog Door

A sliding glass dog door will keep one of the best features of your home while giving your dog the freedom to come and go.
Storm Door With Dog Door In It

Storm Door Dog Door

A storm door with dog door offers your pet the freedom to come in and out, while still protecting your home’s integrity.
French Door With Dog Door In It

French Door Dog Door

Keep the integrity of your beautiful French doors while still allowing your dog to come and go with a French door with dog door.
Hale Pet Door Logo

Hale Pet Door

Hale Pet Door makes pet doors that fit right in-glass so you’re sure to get a dog door that’s best for your pet and fits your lifestyle. Security has been top of mind so rest assured that when you insert the security cover and lock it that your home is secure.

Security Boss Dog Door

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC specializes in the production of the very best quality pet doors for both residential and commercial environments. Choose models that offer weather protection for even the most extreme environments, both hot and cold.

What Are The Benefits Of An In Glass Pet Door?

There are so many benefits to installing a pet door that you and your companion will enjoy including:

A Simple 4 Step Process!

Step 1

Get An Estimate

To get started with an estimate give us a call or fill out our free estimate form and we will give you an estimate of how much your new in glass dog door or cat window will be.
Step 1


Measurements And Order

We will take accurate measurements to ensure that the dog door fits the style of your doors but still accommodates the size of your dog. We will then order the door that fits your specifications.

Step 3


We will then replace the glass with the custom made pane that contains the doggy door. You will keep your original frame as not to ruin the look of your doors.
Step 3


Check In

We will check in with you in a couple of weeks to make sure that everything is working properly.

In Glass Dog Door Installation For Any Type Of Glass Door!

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