Are dog doors a security risk?

Are Dog Doors A Security Risk

Are dog doors a security risk? With the right dog door, they don't have to be. Here's why you should talk to a professional installer today.

Doggy doors are a great way to bring up a healthy and happy dog. They give your pet the freedom to go in and out to get fresh air or relieve itself. These doors can also be life-saving. To the dog owners, the entries give them the flexibility to stay outside their homes for longer hours. Due to these conveniences, a majority of people find these doors to be a perfect solution. That said, there is one issue that remains a challenge to many people: security. Are dog doors a security risk? The direct response to this question is both no and yes. So, before you can install one, it is important to understand the potential security risk to reduce the risk.

The Question Is, Are dog doors a security risk?

If you have a dog who often find ways of getting out, or if you clock long hour at work, then dog doors will be convenient for both of you. But they also have their downsides. One of the main concerns of installing a doggy door is safety lapses that come with it. Unfortunately, a dog door is not convenient for your dog only; it is also convenient for potential intruders. Potential burglars may find these doors as easy access points to your home.

Intruders can pepper spray your dog to gain access into the house. Besides thieves, wildlife may also intrude through the dog door. Some dog foods tend to attract scavenging wildlife. These predators may not be friendly and could harm your dog. Some may carry diseases.

While the thieves may not fit in some dog doors, they can still stick their heads to have a big picture of what is inside your house. The thieves may use other tools to widen the space to allow for easier entry. The fact that most homes with pet doors have high fences, to prevent dogs from roaming away, may give a potential burglar the privacy to carry out the damage.

Your dog may also escape through the backyard fence. Naturally, dogs are escape artists, and they are smart at it. An aggressive dog can climb a 6-foot fence without struggling. Even if it cannot go over the fence, it can find a way to go under.

So, how do you mitigate against the risks presented by dog doors?

Security Boss Dog Doors by MaxSeal Pet DoorsFortunately, a majority of modern doors have factored in the risks in their designs and features. You can combine their innovative designs with your own ideas to make doggy doors hard to break through even for the bravest burglar.

Some doggy doors have a security cover that makes the door more secure, and most of the pet doors can lock. Besides this, electronic options can control opening and locking using a type of color key. The key to making your door inaccessible is ensuring the door is installed the correct way by top rated service providers.

Dog door installation

If you are planning to install a doggy door, your priority should be to prevent intruders from entering your home. If a thief gets into your house and makes away with your household items, your insurer may not compensate if your home was not properly sealed. So, as you give freedom to your pooch, remember also to protect yourself.

Typically, dog door installations are more complex than installing an ordinary glass or wood door. It requires you to cut some part of the door or window. So, apart from the need to keep correct measurements, you also risk interfering with your home’s insulation, which can have a direct impact on energy efficiency. Installing right into glass also means that you have to maintain the structural integrity. You would, therefore, need to hire a professional installer to not only install the doggy door but to also recommend the best solution based on your situation.

If you want to install a dog door that offers convenience, is comfortable, supports a healthier lifestyle, and keeps away intruders, please talk to us. We will be happy to recommend the best in glass pet door for your home and offer a free quote. Glass pet doors are extremely versatile. They can be installed in storm doors, French doors, sliding glass doors and windows. With that said, let’s explore some of the dog door installation options.

If your home has sliding glass doors, then it makes it difficult for you to install a doggy door. Luckily, you can have a sliding glass dog door installed right in the glass. This type of glass dog door is functional and aesthetically appealing. You will find this to be a great solution if you want to let your dog to the backyard without erecting a new door. Since they occupy a small area and fit well with existing sliding glass doors, the pet doors are not obstructive.

In modern homes, French doors are used to bring out the timeless look and elegance of a home from inside and outside. The last thing you may want is to reduce the gorgeous look with a pet door. The best solution to maintain the elegance while reducing security risk and giving your dog the freedom it deserves is to install dog doors designed for French doors. Since most French doors are made of tempered glass, it is not easy to cut through without shattering. For smooth implementation, engage an expert.

A great way to give your dog the freedom of moving in and out while minimizing the risk of intruders using pet doors to access your home is to install a doggy door on a storm door . This way, you will not interfere with the design and structural integrity of your home. You also have control of what times your dog will go out.


While doggy doors offer flexibility and ton of freedom to you and your pet, they also pose a security risk. Fortunately, there are several viable options to mitigate the risks. Your main focus should be to get the right type of pet door for your home. You should also place emphasis on the technology and other additional installations that will reduce the security risk. Most importantly, minimize installation mistakes by hiring a professional. For professional dog door installation, count on Glass Dog Doors to fit the best quality pet doors.

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